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 Is it Halal for Muslim Women to Wear Jeans?

Is it halal or haram to wear jeans? Does it say in the Quran anywhere or in a hadith? Jazakallah


In the era of ignorance nudity, though not commonly appreciated, was not a matter of major concern. Although some women of noble families wore jilbaab over their dress in public, the average citizens were very flexible in terms of the free mixing of the sexes and lack of modesty in dress as today's social environment which is not very helpful in maintaining the purity of thoughts and behaviour that Islam requires from its adherents. But Allah has decreed a dress code to cover defined parts of the body that cannot be exposed. This dress code varies according to gender for both men and women which means not only women but also men have their coverings. Men also have to cover themselves modestly.

Moreover, one of the conditions of a woman’s covering is its not resembling to man’s clothes. Jean is a kind of trouser and trousers are regarded as men's clothing fromthe very begining of civillisations.

Prophet said:
“Allah has cursed the men who make themselves look like women and the women who make themselves look like men.” (Bukhari; al-Fath, 10/332).

“Allah has cursed the man who wears women’s clothes and the woman who wear men’s clothes.” (Abu Dawud, 4/355; Sahih al-Jaami’, 5071).

These hadiths above explains the resemblance in terms of clothing. According to this, though women wearing trousers accomplish the condition of covering her awrah, she is not accomplishing the command of “not resembling man and not wearing men’s clothes.” Thus she is considered committing sin. Trouser worn by women is also a cause leading to sin since it is tight and revealing the part of the body and leads to arise unlawful sexual feeling. (from the book “Special Fatwas for Women”)

Allah the Al-mighty says in the Holy Qur'an:

“O children of Adam! We have indeed sent down to you clothing to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment and protection.  But the raiment of Taqwa – that is the best. This is of the revelations of Allah that they may be mindful. O children of Adam! Let not the Shaytan seduce you as he got your (first) parents out of the Jannah (Garden), stripping them of their clothing to expose their shame. He surely sees you, he as well as his gang, from whence you cannot see them; surely We have made the Shayatin to be the companions of those who do not believe.” (Surah A’raf, 26-27)

 Through this admonition, people were told that the purpose of dress is twofold:

  • Modesty and decency; and,
  • Adornment and protection from weather

People should not let Shaytan misguide them into losing sight of the first objective while concentrating on the adornment aspect. To help achieve the first objective despite the incitement of Satan, satr (covering) guidelines were provided for believers to cover their awrah.

 Satr or Awrah represents the minimum parts of the body that must be covered from everyone with loosely fitting clothes that do not show details of the physical figure and through which neither skin and/or its tone are visible. It is also the minimum that must be covered for a person’s Salah to be valid, even if the person is praying alone at home.  Islam’s most basic step to keep minds pure and to prevent immodesty in the society is its very strict requirement for Muslims not to expose their awrah to anyone other than a duly wedded spouse. Awrah part of a person’s body must be protected from anyone’s sight or touch, male or female.

Allah knows best. Kaynak: http://askaquestionto.us - Is it Halal for Muslim Women to Wear Jeans?


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