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qasas-ul anbiya feast of sacrifice 10 muharram intention for ramadan IUD jurisprudence importance of straightening the rows jihad yusuf glorification death creation of universe medication on open wound during fast price of a kiss kaffara things invalidating fast is human creator of actions iman-i taqlidi wildan ottoman names of allah(swt) men women equality active euthanasia hurry for hajj meaning of hajj rakahs of tarawih miswak how to calculate the zakat amount on shares how to overcome sexual desire obliged to hajj thawab news in bible for muhammad takbir lustful thoughts during fast moisturiser during fast reward maltreatmant toward parents niyyah for i’tikaf make up witr prayer just makkah duties of the prophets fragrance of jannah fard missed compulsory fast shaitan wise side-effect blessed nights the last day of dhulhijja monogamy relationship through phone snow rain while fasting fair sidrat-ul muntaha reading kuran in ramadan Ismail fish doubt hampers faith fasting three days before ramadan inheritance of an unmarried lady hurmat-i musahara neccesity of Islamic unity madhmadha while fasting sharani fasting in shawwal father imagination answer ilm types of backbiting girlfriend in Islam prostration of thankfulness ejaculation due to look during fast basics of Islam worship in itikaf hands above the navel in salah why to turn to kaaba during salah iman abortion laylatul baraat do muslims turn to god during salah meaning of salam where to place hands in salah furqaan fard al-kifaya atom assalamu alaikum festival substance afterlife ability soothsayer qamari calendar hour kaffarah for a few times why to seek knowledge society holiday eating dates

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