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ahad duurat-al vaizin zakat in islamic civilization reason of miraj lailat al baraat to break fast intentionally wife of paradise hands below the navel in salah noah's flood parent fortuneteller islamic inheritance law presence of god superiority of shaban laylat al qadr hair Loqman mother zakat al fitr to parents grave month of shawwal merciful ask a foreteller for help to delay zakat plight of widows in Islam Rodwell fard-i kifaya abu bakr cleaning najasa before salah chastening of nafs parents in jannah reward of sending blessings theory of evolution sermon born kiraman katibin ramadan karem gossip bath substantial pilgrimage moses and khidr rahmah breaking ramadan fast intentionally angels mentioned in Quran qibla how to overcome sexual desire muhammad mentioned in bible shortening the salah ablution while fasting racism eve of eid monogamy youth disbeliever commander carriers umrah water multiplication miracle shukr prayer prostration of thankfulness fasting and obesity physics blessing jurisprudence jiin temperature praying asr on time Islamic ruling on alcohol salutation conscious the month of trouble go to masjid against parents sunnahs of jummah arkan al islam school of law reward for praying niyyah for i’tikaf fast broken books evidences of god disbelief disaster dejavu importance of sending blessings moral visiting graveyard mizan ramadan hilal compulsory prayers nawafile fast penalty of breaking ramadan fast intentionally chronic bleeding or menses when to make niyyah for fast thawab to receive salam good morals how to convert when miraj happened ramad

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