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aramaic awrah solar year reward for praying responsible muslim partner returning the rights before hajj hamala-i mumtasil furqaan prayer with trousers hormonal disorder types of backbiting fasting under compulsion peace allah marriage prostration for forgetfulness procreation albania brotherhood in Islam compulsory to seek knowledge lost goods wildan omar(ra) follow makkah for iftar Ismail creation defending the person they are backbiting about period groups eligible for zakat mawlid al nabi good demons recite quran at grave go to masjid against parents prayer of thanks gospel shape sibling semen during fast number of verses ramda maintaining the ties of kinship hadrat khalifah christians prayed in the masjid deeds compensate missed witr meaning of hajj social life social benefits of hajj sacrifice importance of sending blessings intermediate state muhammad mentioned in bible magician in islam eating the food of nonmuslims shuhuru thalatha hadith about name stop talking for three days reward for hajj importance of name give alms greeting women new muslim changes name abandoning haram reading Surah al Kahf on friday intention for i’tikaf is destiny fixed ask the deceased for help bird fasting 11th of muharram hadiths about the date of miraj past eternity medicine hafsa waswasa Loqman model person deposit nuh malaika where is god salam order of the ayahs decree destiny changes tawhid angels mentioned in Quran how to overcome masturbation presence of god Ibrahim hatred tips to quit smoking ottoman sultan selim hand praise zakat and debt providing the Muslim unity pray at grave

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