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Is it permissible to pray for hidayah (guidance) of an infidel?

I have a friend, he does not believe in God. I believe that he is a good tempered person actually, so I want to make dua for his hidayah and faith. Is it permissible? 3.11.2013 12:14

Is Dua Worship?

Is dua (supplication) worship? Is there any reward or fine in return for our good and bad duas? 1.3.2013 10:42

Why does God want me to pray if life is predetermined?

WE believe that everything is predetermined in destiny. We pray and it comes true if it is predetermined in our destiny. If it is not, our prayer is not accepted.  That is to say, dua changes nothing in our destiny. Then, why do we pray?   12.25.2012 14:46

Why should I pray?

Why do we make dua although Allah (swt) knows the best for us? 12.24.2012 12:23

Is there any dua for easy delivery?

Is there any dua or Quranic ayah or surah that can be recited for easy child-birth when the delivery day is close? 10.1.2012 23:34

Dua for Waswasa

While I’m performing wudu for fajr prayer, I feel some presence in dark behind me. Even after salah when I switch the lights off, I feel the same way. Can you explain why this happens? Is there any dua that I can say for help? 1.3.2012 15:32

Is it proper to pray for a non-believer?

If you have a close family relation who claims to no longer believe in God and actually makes fun of God and those who believe, then is it a sin to pray for his welfare?   10.12.2011 04:46

Can Dead Hear Us When We Pray for Them in the Graveyard?

While visiting a graveyard, which prayers should we recite and can dead hear our duas? 2.20.2011 19:13

Is Sin an Obstacle to Dua?

Are the prayers of sinners acceptable? 12.10.2010 00:34

Does Allah Answer Prayer?

Why does Allah not accept all my prayers? Which prayers are certainly accepted? How should our prayers be? 10.16.2010 10:31

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