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Sahaba who was rewarded by jannah without performing the salat

Who was the sahaba who was awarded by the jannah but hadn't recited any of his salat ? 4.4.2013 12:56

Is Safar a month of troubles?

Is Safar a month of troubles? 1.3.2013 23:05

The Problems of Balkan Muslims

The Problems of Balkan Muslims: A General Evaluation 7.11.2012 11:35

Creation of Time

What do you think "creation of time" means? do you think it begins from a beginning of a day? Then what should be the begining of time for two people living in two different time zones in earth? 3.13.2012 16:31

Hadith about Najran Christians praying in the masjid

Did prophet (saw) give permission for a group of Christians to do their prayer in the mosque. Is there a hadith narrating this? What is the authenticity of the hadith? 1.3.2012 10:39

What Does "Assalamu Alaikum" Mean?

What is the meaning of "assalamu alaikum"? 7.26.2011 23:15

The Source of the Hadith that Declares the Story of the Nafs’ Being Chastened

Could you please tell me where I can find the story of the nafs when Allah (swt) asked who it was and then burned and starved it to chasten? 6.21.2011 00:21

What is Marifatullah?

Could you give information about “marifatullah”? 5.18.2011 20:37

What is the Hadith of Gabriel?

4.27.2011 00:19

Kalima-I Shahadah Renews the Faith

4.26.2011 23:55

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