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Importance, Reward and Benefits of Hajj { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
What is the importance of Hajj? Why do Muslims go to Hajj? Hajj is an obligatory duty for Muslims which bear numerous personal, social, educational, moral and economic benefits.  
Is one qurbani sufficient for the whole family? { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
Is it enough for a man to sacrifice one qurbani/ udhiyyah on behalf of his family? Or  is it necessary for him to sacrifice one for each  member of his family?
What are the evidences of Hajj being obligatory? { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
Is Hajj an obligation? What are the evidences for that?
The First Sacrifice Order { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
When was the order of sacrifice first happened? How did the first order come?
What Are the Social Aspects of the Muslim Feast of Sacrifice? { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
What are the social benefits of the feast of sacrifice? What are the benefits of Muslim feast of sacrifice to community life?
What Are the Sunnahs of the Feast of Sacrifice? { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
What is regarded as sunnah and ibadah in the days of Sacrifice Feast?
Virtues of Sacrificing an Animal { Hajj (Pilgrimage) }
What are the virtues of sacrificing an animal?

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The Necessity and Importance of Islamic Unity { Islam }
And hold fast all together to the rope of Allah and never be divided (Al Imran, 3:103) 
An Islamic Perspective on Treatment of Animals { Miscellaneous }
Is there any ruling in Islam about treating animals?
Time to Quit Smoking { Miscellaneous }
Effects of Smoking, Benefits of Quitting Smoking, Tips to Quit Smoking
The Most Generous Human Being: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) { Prophets }
Narrated by Anas: "The Prophet was the best, the bravest and the most generous of all the people." (Bukhari, Book 4, Hadith 74 )
Has the Quran Been Distorted? { Revealed Books }
Is not it possible that the Quran has been distorted like the other revealed books?
Women in Islam { Quoted Articles }
Women in Islam Versus Women in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition 
Is Man Doomed to his Destiny? { Destiny-Qadar }
Allah gave the human beings a “will” that is free to make their own choices; differentiating and choosing the good or the bad.  If the human beings were doomed to their destiny, &ldqu...
What Makes Paradise a Paradise is Its Being Given As a Reward { Destiny-Qadar }
Why don't all the people get into the paradise? Since Allah (swt) loves His servants; why doesn't He admit all of them into the paradise?

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