What is the aim of Askaquestionto.us?

• To help those who are unable to find satisfying answers to their questions elsewhere.

• To inform those who are wondering about the Fundamentals of Islam and belief.

• To help Muslims on the path of strengthening their Iman.

• To answer the questions of those with feelings of intolerance against Islam and Muslims.

• To remove superstitious concepts which do not fit with the true principles of Islam.

• To help those who are concerned about misgivings within themselves.

Our web site has been striving to assist people on scholarly and spiritual issues using these aims as our guiding principles. Askaquestionto.us is a “Spiritual Knowledge Gathering” in the cyber world sharing information on Islam and belief with enquirers from all walks of life..

There is No Question whose answer doesn’t exist in the Quran!

Answers for the questions are prepared by a dedicated research committee. They are meticulously investigated mainly from the Holy Quran and the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); and then from the books of Mujaddids, Mujtahids and Ahl-i Sunnah Scholar.

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