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Can I Follow the Iftar Time of Makkah to Break my Fast?

I’m currently in Sweden. Fasting here is 21 hours. They say I can do iftar at the same time of Makkah. Is that possible?   8.9.2012 05:22

Does ejaculation due to lustful thoughts break fast?

Today suddenly erotic thoughts came to me and I had an erection. Then little bit of mazi came out. Is my fast broken? 8.6.2012 19:03

Does ejaculation without sexual intercourse break fast?

If ejaculation of semen occurs as a result of foreplay activities with wife during fasting in Ramadan, is fast invalidated? What is the penalty for that? 8.1.2012 04:39

Does spotting caused by IUD break fast?

I have the IUD with the hormone means I don’t have my period only spots varies from little to good amount from dark brown to bloody. Should I consider this period or sickness blood? Should I fast in this situation? 8.4.2012 00:57

If masturbation is repeated a few times in Ramadan, does it require kaffarah?

Masturbating once while fasting in Ramadan is to make up the broken day, so what is the expiation for performing it for 4 or 5 days in one Ramadan? Does it require making up the broken days or kaffarah of 61 days? 7.30.2012 03:08

Does Masturbation Break Fast?

If a fasting person masturbates in Ramadan, is his fast broken? If broken, what is the expiation? 7.30.2012 02:42

Can a fasting person get an insulin injection?

Does insulin injection invalidate my fast? 8.1.2012 04:12

Is it permissible to go swimming while fasting?

Can I go swimming while fasting? 7.31.2012 16:54

Do injection and vaccination invalidate the fast?

Is my fast broken when I’m injected medicine while I’m fasting? 7.30.2012 17:28

Does wearing lipstick invalidate the fast?

Is my fast broken when I wear lipstick? 7.30.2012 02:28

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