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The Teaching of the Verified Faith

By Mufti Muhammad Saeed 2.28.2013 09:58

What is Doubt in Faith?

What is doubt in faith? How does it hamper faith? and How to save from it? 8.15.2011 19:24

How can I increase my Iman?

In order to achieve a strong belief, what should I do? 8.15.2011 19:20

How can I avoid haram and increase my iman?

How can i increase my iman when i keep doing haram things? I mean how can i stop myself from doing haram things once and for all? 8.10.2011 14:53

The Criticisim of Atheism

4.23.2011 17:40

Irrationality of Atheism

4.22.2011 22:31

Does Faith Increase?

Does faith increase? What do iman-i tahqiqi and iman-i taqlidi mean? 4.3.2011 20:20

What is The Difference Between the Iman-i Tahqiqi and Iman-i Taqlidi?

There are two kinds of faith; initiative faith and verified faith. 3.29.2011 23:44

Do Those Who Die While Intoxicated Lose Their Faith?

If a Muslim who drinks alcohol die before repentance, will he be able to get into the jannah? 2.10.2011 23:44


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