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tawhid meaning of reancarnation witr prayer following the prophet dua for waswasa celebrating the new year fundamental beliefs in Islam working in a pub verses weighing the deeds sirat one udhiyya for family importance of ramadan ruling on keeping Quran in the bedroom sending greetings on prophet reading Surah al Kahf on friday praying in the graveyard pillars of islam samad prophet jesus (pbuh) kalaam brilliance(lightness) order glorification bosnian war repent shaban coherence madhab zabh women crack of dawn kaffarah for a few times abandoning a muslim for three days sajdah jihad in Islam meet Muhammad in jannah relationship period of iddah to delay zakat women voice in ıslam wife period laylatul baraat lawh al mahfuz recite into ear impact of name ayahs on hajj obliged to hajj fasting during breastfeeding makruhs in toilet yazid hanafi word number deposit x-ray trouble unfair division sharani providing the Muslim unity four great angels alqamah life women in Judaism duties of the prophets disobedience against parents free will boy girl relations in Islam ill person's fasting lailat al baraat tawaff-e ziyarat masturbation shaitan shuhuru thalatha denier dwellers of grave good deeds stop talking for three days bulgaria difference between quran and sunnah alim fasting of a pregnant woman four caliphs zakat al fitr to children cave of hira parents in jannah christians Jesus will come back repentance arsh food multiplication miracle madhmadha while fasting a hundred marriage in shaban wine staff turning into sword barzakh hurmat-i musahara events in hijra generosity

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