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fard al-ayn marriage forbiddance amount of nisab order of the ayahs nabi sajdah ether sadaqa al fitr masturbation during fast pay zakat to masjid ariyat preeternity permanent tattoo form of Allah evil fil misgiving dua for guidance saw Allah to apply moisturiser during fast wing language of the holy books hadiths about salawat harmony spoiled fast devils balaghat sacrifice worship mushrikeen addictive tashrik takbir muhammad's religion before ıslam language of divine books shukr prayer paraklytos combine prayers fishkeeping macedonia recommended acts of worship in ramadan ask the deceased for intercession kiraman katibin four great angels age in jannah female witness in Islam hadith about repentance hadiths about worshipping on lailat al miraj will of allah zakat for deposit to apply cream during fast Edmond shape iman-i tahqiqi evidence laylatu'l qadr popular Muslim names lailat al miraj rabial awwal importance of hajj abrogation greeting men people of salvation get married niyyah in madhabs break promise befriending nonmuslims evidence of god order being in an environment where there is backbiting age of people of jannah jealousy brilliance(lightness) human worship on baraat progress 21.verse of Surah al Najm to break fast intentionally itikaf justice to children cleaning free will types of nationalism qur'an fortune telling quran mortal severing family ties killing animals praying in ramadan time allah(swt) zakat to friend in need period kaffarah muslim woman voice alcoholic beverage witr prayer alignment of the heels to straighten the row najran christians infidels

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