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creation of universe greeting men worship of an alcohol drinker shawwal or qada gods form missing the asr prayer spoiled fast unmarriageable female relatives wudu while fasting proofs of Isa returning importance of zakat water Muaz Bin Jabal fitr transplantation abandoning sin muhammad(pbuh) osman al hiri operation eternal love Quran recitation malaika ejaculation during fast partner unfair division junub weighing the deeds how to avoid haram zakat for the lent money drinking to change name omar imperfect worship night prayer disbelief two consecutive months how to overcome envy purpose of zakat adhan dawud youth forgiveness in shaban najasa archangels things breaking fast blessed month muslim women wearing jeans brotherhood in Islam month of ummah trinity zakat and debt caliphate supplications in the quran death is a part of life duurat-al vaizin manners of i’tikaf answer divine knowledge semen during fast abandoning a muslim for three days salat salaam lailatul qadr arsh 61 days whoever misses the asr prayer sirat child otoman state to complete and straighten the rows in sunnah believe in unseen eid prayer allah created adam in his image parents maliki father salat al tarawih prayers of previous ummahs rights of a husband in Islam poorness month of ramadan marriage Pickthall belief in destiny waswas four wives dua difference between angels and people muslims and racism balkans allah(swt) holiday hereafter mercy zakat al fitr poor people in jannah witr prayer asma al-husna

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