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ruh zakat for masjid building allah created adam in his image the day of judgment sermon haram (forbidden things) fast broken missed witr in maliki prayer of an alcohol drinker poorness Shuaib valid excuses for abandoning fast sculpture importance of Muslim unity hadiths and ayahs proving hajj signs of muhammad in bible cream during fasting good morals doomed to destiny wine science and sleeping sunnah gambling prophets’ supplications does destiny change musailama-ı kazzab full ablution oneness of god divine religions madhmadha while fasting paradise nonmuslim neighboor parent vaccination during fast young muslims alawis niyyah for ramadan fasting adab bleeding caused by IUD praying tarawih in congregation 19-22 verses of Najm permissible killing animals what invalidates itikaf human model unfair division to love people in jannah rahmah pray at grave zamm-i surah laws of nature istighfar sky allah(swt) angels in the Quran safari give name easy delivery side-effect goodness mukarrab malaika of arsh laylat al qadr confidant with nonmuslims Islamic belief in prophets transcendental crack of dawn waswasa after salah greeting women rape verse the difference of sunnah menses shukr tenet proper time for qada of witr illness during ramadan fast jewellery photo where to place hands in salah order of the ayahs salah chronic bleeding or menses planet modern science ihtilam fishkeeping scholars sirat passive euthanasia wudu while fasting where is god shape qur’an forgiveness in shaban importance of sexual gratification in islam miraj ıslam-women voice tafsir colour of fire rakahs of tarawih

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