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solutions for unity why to seek knowledge the dead defeatist fiqh eid al adha price of a kiss zakah returning rights to the owners supplications in the quran Thomas Carlyle nafila fast non-existence importance of unity qadar in ayahs hesitation giving blood ruh satan zakat for plot testfying of souls meaning of salam doubt hampers faith madina agent angels junub problems of balkan muslims dar-us salaam good demons significance of fasting relation during engagement enemy fast tarawih is sunnah awliya reflection presence of god realm disobedience to parents hikmah semen during fast importance of praying at night planet generosity nahr islamic inheritence law niyet father Quran and western philosophers bible proof of intercession sister dry ablution harmony christmas night i'jaz fast of an ill person in ramadan intention for ramadan fasting question eid prayer glorification conditions for an accepted tawbah the preserved tablet black dress exploration social benefits of hajj fast of ashura bida drink abandoning a muslim for three days development niyyah for i’tikaf bonds between Muslims compensate missed witr dhalla scholars najis fast of ramadan tahqiqi iman visit graveyard dolls kaba similarity between jinn and human hadiths about najran forgiveness of an infidel israafeel solutions for waswasa to love muhammad staff turning into sword niyyah in madhabs dhulqada twahab for umra in ramadan meaning of reancarnation make up during fast salvation four wives major sins master of months

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