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abort masturbation in ramadan duties of the prophets naeem lustful thoughts during fast value of ramadan zakat al fitr to parents pagan ask the deceased for help ghusl while fasting godless Quran and western philosophers colour of fire malak shortening the salah grave types of sunnah bukhl names of allah(swt) orbit medication on open wound during fast expiation of masturbation during fast age of fard prayer complete the first rows hadrat solomon fast during hardship chapter minor sin dua wedding ceremony ramadan hilal home verified faith alawis sacrifice stoning of the devil ıslam laylat ul qadr envy parents in jannah convey reward to deceased sincerity in dua periclytos brotherhood in Islam pill true prophet niyyah plight of widows in Islam time zone husayn days forbidden to fast balaghat sadaqa in ramadan insulin injection during fasting things validate fast importance of sexual gratification in islam defending the person they are backbiting about sin-evil intercession prophets responsible muslim zakat to non muslims month of ramadan worship in shaban infidel feast of sacrifice does dua change fate night of ragaib dogs moral women in Christianity predetermination suffering poorness abortion hijra repetition of improper ibadah rhetoric types of angels lying to make people laugh cleaning teeth while fasting sadaqa al fitr reading Surah al Kahf on friday ı am ı prooves of quran animals salawat trimming eyebrows Jesus in Islam ask a foreteller for help prostration of thankfulness celebration keeping dogs conscious abrogation relatives boy girl relations in Islam Quran and western thinkers duurat-al vaizin purpose of mankind

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