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fragrance of jannah control desires extra surah nahr trait when to start fasting six days of shawwal age of people of jannah killing animals wealthy age of puberty long-term debt and zakat six days fasting tahlil period of iddah keeping Quran in the bedroom what invalidates itikaf mawa aquarium book balkans entity celebrating mawlid an-nabi last ten days of ramadan 19-22 verses of Najm eating the food of nonmuslims transgression generosity zakaat covenant to break ramadan fast a few times arkan al islam sunnah things invalidating fast adolesence caliphate rab enemy sajdah marifatullah skin of the qurban kaffarah for ramadan feet tips for the best ramadan hands above the navel in salah holy day importance of hajj pillars of faith hajj in ayahs and hadiths four great angels worshipping others than allah treasure female inheritance in Islam reward of sending blessings ornament disaster answer to prayer eligible for zakat attributes qurban our beloved prophet’s routine affairs minor sin lailat al baraat itiqaf istihada or hayd scientists visiting graveyard waiting period tawba 60 arafa day angels in the ayahs night of power zakat to Islamic organizations ego ask a magician for help blessed month permissible hadiths about najran god creat past eternal importance of ramadan importance of Muslim unity death significance of ramadan ı am ı boy girl relations in Islam madhab premarital relationship dolls Ismail sending greetings on prophet authentic fasting in the moth of shawwal the day of arafa prophet's month ruling of silat ur rahim in islam spoil the salah salaam abondening sunnah good demons

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