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predetermination sur hadith about 5 daily prayers tarweeha time of wedding in Islam omnipotence ablution while fasting inheritance tenuous ramda hurry for hajj alms beam eternal love Isa will come back importance of salah hadiths about the date of miraj shaban month kitaabullah relatives significance of ramadan to pray wearing a dress with images mina virtues of friday dish zakat al fitr to parents tawbah evidence of god day of judgment Allah watches us Shuaib water multiplication miracle door unintentional sins effects of smoking saw Allah time verified faith depart mina early ınjil jew defending the person they are backbiting about supplication organ zakat on shares qasas-ul anbiya fishkeeping madhmadha while fasting when to start fasting six days of shawwal pay zakat to masjid muslim woman voice birthday od the prophet zoology shirk inheritance of an unmarried lady hadith about hajj disbeliever stoning of the devil omar amount of nisab christmas night preeternity relation during engagement ısa bad deeds of the dead asking during khutbah prophets importance of unity is shafaah right body waiting period bonds between Muslims irresponsible parents zakat for trading goods pillars of fast offer iftar cleaning omar(ra) holy spirit najran salah on a chair scale bath kawthar why to turn to kaaba during salah ashura day say salam disaster samad does bath break fast reincarnation in Quran animal toys transcendental eating telling lies salam magic fasting 11th of muharram adam ayahs about parents

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