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character misgiving couples in the hereafter holiday moral kaffarah for ramadan qabah status of Jesus in Islam hijri calender zakat on fixed deposit women in Torah ummu subyan azrael ties of kinship month of shawwal religion bathroom qadar in hadiths importance of salam speed jama takheer evidence of allah the day of judgement where is Allah sadaqat al fitr decree pharaoh surah after fatiha expressions of respect alim Jochahim Durulph test zakat for deposit sultan selim khutbah tanasukh to endure the difficulties of long fasting tajvid magnificence improvement language wording human being beard history of hijra zakat of debtor types of sunnah adhan the difference of sunnah hamd kalaamullah H.Leider zakat for the money on deposit hanbali fasting three days before ramadan ruling on listening to Quran ramad weighing the deeds ısrafel paraclete theory of evolution azraeel to change name zakat for land four wives reward for praying people of salvation alignment of the heels to straighten the rows salutation prove returning rights to the owners obeying the orders of allah to ease the birth pain major sins ghusl does shower break fast importance of fasting ashura angels in the ayahs sacrifice and ıslam worship during itikaf ka'ba join prayers conditions for an accepted tawbah toilet manners does bath break fast shape Ishaq names of allah(swt) cleaning teeth while fasting immortal to find lost goods paradox marrying in the jannah non-mahram tartil close eyes during salah zakat tawhid umm-ul kitaab

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