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nimrod intercession history of fiqh demon adhan medical aspect of fasting angels mentioned in Quran value of ramadan day of judgment kawthar reckoning prophethood duty fasting 6 days of shawwal theory of evolution expiation of ramadan fast belief in prophets bad deeds of the dead pillars of sawm according to four madhabs language of the holy books omar(ra) importance of salah waswasa after salah miracles about trees voice one qurbani on behalf of the household liwa al hamd ayah of muharramat dua for birth pain ihsan disobedience to parents ghusl on jumuah teenage and parents marital activity invalidating fast trouble x-ray damage zakat and solidarity zakat of plot technology jerusalem tenuous husayn racism educational methods of Muhammad malaika-i muakkal reward for hajj divine knowledge dejavu covering goodness lying in jest commerce wajib pray for the guidance of disbeliever period khaluf ruling on keeping Quran in the bedroom to delay zakat evidences of reincarnation in Quran non-existence price of a kiss grave right side of row worship in itikaf obedience compound eavesdrop willful misinterpretation fasting six days of shawwal alignment of the heels to straighten the row sadaqa and fate questioning angels do muslims turn to god during salah ıdris master of months alignment of the heels to straighten the rows omnipotent bosnia tayammum adolesence how to make tawbah good deeds prophetess islamic calendar seek laylat al qadr movement haram (forbidden things) speed conditions of clothing during salah moses smokeless fire see angel spouse khutbah difference between angels and people backbiting disrespect to parents black dress impact of name on man karbala

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