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bad omen in safar procreation fasting shaban order of the ayahs intention of fast chronic bleeding or menses demon nabi non-changeable destiny surgery adults playing dolls halal hadith zakat to a non muslim unintentionally latin true prophet people exempted from fasting do iftar according to makkah fasting only ashura salawat blessing awrah smoking jeans fil Quran and western thinkers muslim woman voice taraweeh truth of tawhid envy iblis ragaib muhammad mentioned in bible good demons hayd wet dream ask the deceased for help eid prayer the last day of dhulhijja ghusl zakat of debtor swimming while fasting prophet muhammad(pbuh) things invalidating fast ramadan-ul mubarak rabbana atina ask for forgiveness men women equality things validate fast character tasawwuf responsibilites of parents following the prophet menstruation ill person's fasting killing animals compatible madhab husayn ayah for easy delivery lying for joking history of fiqh God knows everything hypocrisy miracles of Jesus makruh fasting 6 days of shawwal miracles about trees language husband H.Leider marital activity invalidating fast allah water fasting ramadan using perfume on friday bonds between Muslims hereafter born intercession with ayah and hadith islam and science reward for hajj sirat bridge arafa conditions of quitting ramadan fast ruyatullah what is sexual intercourse shirk in love keeping dogs zakat for trading goods yusuf verses conditions breaking fast omnipotence to endure the difficulties of long fasting barzakh laws of nature naseehah woman zakat on fixed deposit oblige

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