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believe in unseen fasting three days before ramadan warner prostration adab water runs from his fingers gabriel fortuneteller sujud keeping dogs at home problems of balkan muslims worship of an alcohol drinker marital relations reward for praying rule shape ejaculation due to look during fast pagan Prens Bismarck imsaq otoman state intention for i’tikaf sin-evil umar ottoman tayammum giving blood sincerity in dua rebellion dua is essence of worship jerusalem refute reancarnation surahs hands below the navel in salah expiation of ramadan fast women in Judaism ısrafel makruh of salah fard parts of salah asiya calamity doomed to destiny night prayer in ramadan chemistry akhlaq dua ayahs Islamic world medinan chapters best time for wedding sibling qamah compound how long to stay in itikaf the old civilization fasting on ashura salat al tarawih maltreatmant toward parents Islamic ruling on alcohol names of allah plugging eyebrows prooves of quran ruling on listening to Quran caliphate feeding poor period-delaying ghusul celebrating mawlid an-nabi mushrikeen belief in reancarnation social life chapter hatred god importance of ramadan islamic inheritence law naeem Islam and racisim hadith about kaffara women wearing jeans resurrection convey reward to deceased virtue of ramadan eid al adha ikhtiyari qadar ramda fasting in war born wealthy ramadan-al-mubarak expressions of respect islam and science nabi nonmuslim neighboor unfair division Dr. City Youngest sending greetings on prophet irresponsible parents sister animal toys

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