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hatred backbiting prophet jesus (pbuh) fiancee imperfect worship time of wedding in Islam fasting 9th of muharram befriending nonmuslims prophethood importance of hajj transplantation x-ray flirt during engagement diviner safari disbeliever makruhs of salah prayer of thanks safar taking care of elderly parents hadiths about najran truth of tawhid how to make tawba nasuh leaving the masjid during itikaf fasting in muharram method jizya effects of smoking five daily prayers responsility being in an environment where there is backbiting ghusl on jumuah zakat to nonmuslims a hundred faith of parents of prophet kaffarah for ramadan fast four wives dua and destiny noah's flood adults playing dolls give alms shaitan hasan prophet muhammad(pbuh) do iftar according to makkah purpose of mankind eid'ul adha duas for waswasa night of power marrying in the jannah predetermination botox cat keeping Quran in the bedroom prayer with trousers kalaam dissemination does shower break fast picture qadar people of book la ilaha illallah lustful thoughts during fast ramadan karem khorasan compensation merits of shaban hadrat ali impotence existence of allah evidences of god shahadah makruh praying asr on time jamarat effects of envy laylat ul qadr shape muharram controversy sin-evil time of death delay breaking the fast menstruation reward for praying shirk in love denier sunnah illness during fast fast of ashura fire pious haram to break ramadan fast a few times dead can hear improvement sacrifice fasting 11th of muharram niyyah for i’tikaf surgery

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