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bleeding caused by IUD dress code najasa belief in prophets ask the deceased for intercession haram appoint hayd see allah nahr example supplications in the quran amala-i mumassil sexual intercourse vaccination during fast bird sin zakat for land word number evidences of hajj being obligatory knowledge hadith duas for waswasa ruling on listening to Quran lie as a joke element avoid haram madina value of nisab hadiths about najran non-believer give name racism ask for pardon denial sultan selim eidul adha miswak while fasting intention God watches us salah on a chair nafila responsible rhetoric returning rights to the owners salutation during khutba angels have no gender meaning of ilah taking care of elderly parents chores of the prophet reasons of backbiting christians prayed in the masjid jealousy literature stop talking for three days miscarriage good demons children of paradise dress hadith number of verses disobey ejaculation due to thoughts during fast angels hadrat ali 15th of rajab splitting the moon birth of Jesus in Quran types of nationalism meat of the qurban grave naseehah premarital relationship why to turn to kaaba during salah congregation belief in qadar fasting six days of shawwal justice and reancarnation zakat to nonmuslims close eyes during salah women's covering devils pray at grave erection hadith about magic greet bridge virtue of fasting muharram azraeel the day of judgement istinshaq revealed books prophet muhammad(pbuh) qur'an how to make sincere repentance rebellion importance of praying at dawn social procreation inspiration istihada or hayd sincerity in dua

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