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prayers not accepted for 40 days education in Islam cutting hair during menstruation ruling on tarawih hesitation shortest period of itikaf prophetess who can receive zakat iman kiram al katibin allah zakat in islamic civilization muawiya arkan al islam hadith about repentance desires in jannah seth how to make tawba nasuh sincerity non-mahram osman al hiri placing foot permission for second wife beautification hairless disbelief Thomas Carlyle blessing entity reward of tarawih servitude toys in islam qamah conditions of quitting ramadan fast chapter greek is shafaah right treatise mawlid al nabi expiation of masturbation during fast lie as a joke Jesus in Islam see allah last ten days of ramadan dajjal Loqman sacrifice conditions for an accepted tawbah ummu subyan Islamic ruling on alcohol christmas new year's eve duty fard parts of salah hadiths and ayahs proving hajj etiquette son of god agent angels presence of allah funeral prayer women's covering social benefits of hajj passive euthanasia recite quran at grave naseehah bible and muhammad social life compulsory to seek knowledge masturbation in ramadan meet Muhammad in jannah wording mani during fast history of hijra blessed nights conditions breaking fast Eve in Islam christian jihad in Islam realm of souls thanks uthman duties of the prophets makruhs in toilet Quran and western philosophers tanasukh blessed month good demons Mr. John Davenport eavesdrop bosnian war value of ramadan injustice Ishaq partner zakat for reserved gold mecca sadaqat al fitr medicine lunar calendar

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