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unseen fasting three days before ramadan close eyes during salah zakat to non-muslims test abu bakr shawwal or qada Prophet changed bad names bosnian war responsible how to calculate the zakat amount on shares tarawih is sunnah injection during fast penalty of breaking ramadan fast intentionally kill fard-i kifaya ramda verified faith makruh of salah paraclete atheism prerequisites of prayer letter declaration of belief illness during fast muslim countries shariah death is good shape naseehah preeternity zakat for the money on deposit tajvid qiyam friday preference men over women tafseer of Surah al Najm reason of miraj hebrew khutba bridge sacrifice botox tawafuq celebrate the eid eating the food of nonmuslims love worldly benefits of belief deny fasting food multiplication how to spend the ramadan in the best way the importance of muharram fard supplications in the quran mahram tawba 60 maun ether manners of i’tikaf full ablution recommended acts of worship in ramadan medinan chapters layers of jannah fast of ashura see angel nafilah Muaz Bin Jabal jihad in Islam existence mizan water multiplication miracle progress intervening stage wise good demons sincerity intention for ramadan laylatu'l qadr one udhiyya for family worship disorder science balaghat types of nationalism paradise hormonal disorder ask for forgiveness of people before hajj sunnahs of eid shuhuru thalatha sufism angel and people nativity play ask the deceased for help Eve in Islam four wives teenage and parents niyyah for i’tikaf zakat and solidarity sibling mina

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