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laylatu'l qadr slaughter knowledge hira development makrooh deed tafseer of Surah al Najm will of allah iradah reward of sending blessings tawba nasooh complete the first rows sculpture fard-i kifaya hurmat-i musahara tags: food level of existence ramadan fast swimming while fasting preference men over women permission for second wife laws pray for the guidance of disbeliever surah solutions for unity maun purpose of zakat to complete and straighten the rows in sunnah earth prophet muhammad(pbuh) samud shortest period of itikaf tenet devil sajda when to start fasting six days of shawwal crack of dawn heritage arafa day master of months dua and destiny technology past eternity boyfriend in Islam prayer of thanks dead-born-baby hashr levels of jannah things invalidating fast friday price of a kiss razzaq rebellion eid masturbation in ramadan prophetess get up for sahur compulsory prayers allah created adam in his image brushing while fasting order set off a slave hayd alignment of the heels to straighten the rows hikmah fish lie illness water runs from his fingers vaccination during fast zakat in islamic civilization intention of fast dua for waswasa dua and fate pillars of sawm true love black types of sunnah good demons importance of straightening the rows wildan sidrat-ul muntaha uthman meat of the qurban superiority of shaban menstruation proofs of muhammad in bible test beautification ayahs about lying miracles about trees makruhs in toilet fiancee holy day the wisdom of sins men imitating women fasting doubt hampers faith dar-ul khuld

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