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events in hijra salah is the pillar of islam srebrenica sleeping sunnah barzakh importance of sexual gratification in islam cutting hair during menstruation non-mahram zakat to friend in need husayn salaam hesitation qadar in hadiths samad muakkada faith of parents of prophet Yaqub gift cleaning cream before salah tafsir form you are you niyyah in madhabs mina eid prayer sajdah sahw alqamah informing future bukhl shariah kiraman katibin hijri new year age of people of jannah doubt crack of dawn shaban al muazzam women in Quran types of backbiting zakat to organizations salat tawheed traveller language of divine books recommended acts of worship in ramadan medical aspect of fasting khidr reach ruku prophet muhammad(pbuh) zakat for trading goods things breaking fast spirit wive's property in Islam ayah vaginal discharge mind closing eyes beard halal Isa will come back holy day to know the prophet and companions the importance of muharram ramadan fast benefits of hajj man providing the Muslim unity youngster jacop mushrikeen archangels follow makkah for iftar sahaba ramadan-ul mubarak death time importance of Muslim unity tayammum haram to apply moisturiser during fast hamala-i mumtasil creation of universe contemplation evidences of hajj being obligatory salutation weight of soul kaffarah declaration of belief angel the day of arafa unintentional mistakes wearing trousers qa'da mazi during fast importance of praying at dawn bathroom ramda progress creed nonmuslim neighboor maliki allah(swt)

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