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asma al’husna warner non-existence chemistry evilcommanding soul jund-u subhani rab medicine muharramat maltreatmant toward parents laylatul baraat things invalidating fast night ramadan fast rights of parents laylat al baraat isra history history of hijra servant overcome jealousy shawwal or qada fard al-ayn liwa-ul hamd malaika-i muakkal boy girl relations in Islam close eyes during salah control desires great sins fasting in muharram individual duty prophethood commit suicide month of rajab abandoning a muslim for three days sadaqa and fate heart predetermination elderly parents human being alcoholic drinks allah created adam in his image alqamah preference men over women ramad dua and fate weight of soul british museum ghusl night prayer scripture master of months islamic perpective on lying tips to quit smoking reasons of backbiting poorness youngster najran killing animals sending greetings on prophet abraham twahab for umra in ramadan compensation the last day of dhulhijja sur qada prayer isa patience to break ramadan fast a few times listening to adhan lying in jest Yaqub surah after fatiha dua of visiting the graveyard test animals reincarnation in Quran mikael to break fast intentionally purpose of mankind hamd jihad menstruation science and islam contradiction fasting only ashura muslimwomen faith of parents of prophet celebrating the new year madina prayers not accepted for 40 days theory of evolution kafir pious disobey azraeel inspiration social pillars of sawm technology disrespect to parents

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