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holy days ghaybah charity lipstick during fast wearing trousers superiority of shaban zakat to organizations drink reference to muhammad in bible isa god and nafs plastic surgery sharani zakat for masjid building prooves of quran take soul respect for parents confidant with nonmuslims dress during salah sperm umar zakat al fitr to children haram sajda hadith about repentance period of iddah ask a magician for help hira go to masjid against parents razzaq a'ad the existence of god how to overcome sexual desire god mawlid allah(swt) royal we stinginess sunnahs of friday virtue of ramadan intercession with ayah and hadith coincidence five pillars of islam sidrat-ul muntaha bida tawheed forgiveness in shaban destiny changes iron ring realm of grave eternal trimming eyebrows geology language of divine books kafir one udhiyya for family the last day of dhulhijja to pray for nonbeliever importance of unity 165 verse of Baqara prophet muhammed (pbuh) necessary holiday meaning of sacrifice malaika-i muakkal colour of fire throne of allah last ten days of ramadan alms dawud stop talking for three days wive's property in Islam period alignment of the heels to straighten the row zakat for trading goods ottoman pillars of islam angels in the Quran scientists ramadan karem sexual gratification reviving parents smoking natural creation celebration intention birthday od the prophet makruhs in toilet suffering miscarrige asma al'husna hajj development trade jihad in Islam compulsory to seek knowledge sirat why to seek knowledge makruh solutions for waswasa

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