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creations importance of praying at dawn stolen goods to break fast intentionally creatures in the quran lailatul qadr temperature Islamic belief in prophets disobedience to parents the holy day of Muslims jummah importance of straightening the rows illiyyun suicide message of ashura losing sexual desires calamity swimming while fasting shafaat meaning of fiqh fasting ramadan a hundred ıdris matter noah's flood surah najm permission for second wife status of Jesus in Islam full ablution reach ruku presence of god Loqman najasa sleep botox eid al adha intention for ramadan fasting solutions to control sexual desires sexual intercourse dry ablution trouble hikmah one udhiyya suffices for the household sacrficie food masturbation during fast prostration of thankfulness women voice in ıslam islam listening to adhan adolesence tasbih scripture marital activity invalidating fast Thomas Carlyle satan fasting during long days ızdirari qadar tawaf al ziyarat truthfulness age of puberty fast of ashura bridge transplantation lawh-i mahfuz waiting period mother of evils why is quran arabic khutba pillars of faith evidences of hajj being obligatory coincidence not fasting chemistry smoking female education in Islam is it permissible for women to sing existence of god dead can hear 61 days pray for forgiveness musailama-ı kazzab 6666 kaba grave sun ashura prophets surah women in ancient Arabia qadar sacrifice worship cave of hira religious festival bidah importance of Muslim unity life fasting and health nonmuslim neighboor will of allah popular Muslim names

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