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process of fiqh caliphs scholars salah using perfume on friday essentials of tawbah ınjil doomed to destiny hadith about name lying for joking parents reading kuran in ramadan allah(swt) premarital relationship injection during fast wish for death commander carriers deed order of the ayahs the dead jew wajib ask for forgiveness obesity praying tarawih in congregation Orientalist Sedio Edward Gibbon food breast-feeding number of verses supplication solutions to control sexual desires malaika-i muakkal lost goods commit a sin period of iddah guide zakat for the money on deposit wing forgiveness in shaban people of salvation wet dream kiraman katibin mawlid al nabi glorification orbit applying cream and wudu swimming while fasting procreation substantial islamic perpective on lying universe who to give zakat al fitr dish prophetess tattoo language of the prophets realm of grave dua Jesus in Quran shortening the salah dejavu rab women in Bible to pray for nonbeliever marrying in the jannah zakat for the committed saving marriage in shaban why is quran arabic najasa haram (forbidden things) sunnah the wisdom of sins barzakh where is Allah transplantation women iftar immortal sunnah al muakkada Dr. Johnson to apply moisturiser during fast erection where is god illness christmas night awliya zakat for masjid building dead can hear sunnahs of friday women wearing jeans bathroom zakat to non muslims groups eligible for zakat suffering miscarrige jizya prayer kalaamullah semen during fast book

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