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responsible muslim oneness of allah mawa is destiny fixed last ten days of ramadan feet private parts reincarnation in Quran creature God knows everything zakat to Islamic organizations qiraat (pbuh) atom kind books feast of sacrifice stone the devil praise ashura day hairdresser ill significance of ramadan follow makkah for iftar zakat to non muslims country things that break fast khutbah sincerity in dua body character waiting period covering divine determining shirk pray for the guidance of disbeliever fasting in shawwal testamentary education hijri new year zakat for merchandise Yasir essence muslim scientists fasting of a pregnant woman one udhiyya suffices for the household inheritor reward of tarawih bad deeds of the dead insulin injection during fasting 15th of rajab patience tayammum thawab intelligence side-effect islamic inheritance law alcoholic drinks qa'da holy day fasting on ashura kaffarah for a few times magic adab Dr. Maurice fasting 6 days of shawwal voice non-existence kinship creation of time umm-ul kitaab marriage in shaban soothsayer tarawih is sunnah crucifiction missed witr in maliki bad omen in safar nifas and hayd during fast oneness to love risalei nur zakat for the lent money istihada or hayd obedience temperature period of fatrat parents of muhammad closing eyes iman-i tahqiqi tips for the best ramadan science and sleeping sunnah salat salat al tarawih complete the first rows dua is essence of worship slaughtering turkey duurat-al vaizin coherence azil ejaculation due to thoughts during fast

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