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mina one udhiyya for family smoking shuhh ummu subyan eid prayer taking care of elderly parents placing hands in salah maltreatmant toward parents musailama-ı kazzab the day of arafa beautification nafs hesitation ayahs about parents compulsory to seek knowledge modern science gift Mr. John Davenport zakat to other countries sadaqat al fitr safari Edmond hadith about kaffara things invalidating fast how long to stay in itikaf ego angels mentioned in Quran true prophet hayd misgiving christianity recommended acts of worship in ramadan muslim scientists predetermine prophets’ supplications son worship free will zabh brother organ guide evidences of reincarnation in Quran fair salat hadiths about najran srebrenica genocide unintentional sins existence of god kursy husband zakat on shares immortal intention for ramadan ask for forgiveness of people before hajj effects of envy Rodwell archangels month things that break fast laylat al qadr divine knowledge wet dream during fast irresponsible parents purpose of dress justice and reancarnation meaning of fiqh mystery avoid haram inheritance of an unmarried lady rights of a husband in Islam our beloved prophet did his chores by himself is shafaah right celebrating the mawlid shaitan modesty how to make sincere repentance benefits of hajj srebrenica massacre jurisprudence worship of sacrifice what is hajj absolute nothingness infidels martyr sahaba without performing salat Yasir fasting during long days zakat to organizations giving blood women wearing jeans lost of sexual desire nicotine extra surah to break ramadan fast a few times history of fiqh chapter ghusl on jumuah rebellion night of ragaib

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