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month of ummah time of wedding in Islam reach ruku mystery companion sermon suicide goodness transgression recommended acts of worship in ramadan stories in the quran martyr sahaba without performing salat grave having children miser befriending nonmuslims zakat to organizations hadith of gabriel vaginal discharge istinshaq Quran and thinkers attribute death is a part of life supplication importance of salah history of fiqh sadaqat al fitr jealousy wife and mother body female inheritance in Islam age of fard prayer dajjal belief in prophets godless importance of straightening the rows bathroom evil disobey parents in haram illness during fast adab manners of i’tikaf ragaib suffering miscarrige zakat on fixed deposit qamari calendar unfair division reward of tarawih how to convert friday of ramadan shortest period of itikaf zakat for the lent money purpose of zakat fasting and health women in ancient Arabia sleep takbir relationship depart mina early tawba nasooh fortune what is hajj interrogation intermediate state witr prayer lie ejaculation during fast merits of shaban naseehah one udhiyya suffices for the household zakat for plot magnificence worst major sins what is sexual intercourse hadiths about the date of miraj miscarriage thanks moral backbiting time zone eat halal difference between quran and sunnah beloved ones addiction prophet jesus (pbuh) women in Christianity covenant a'ad dhimmi education sufism bosnian war muhammad in bible azrael zakat is fitr permission for second wife importance of salam types of nationalism evidence of allah tasawwuf

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