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importance of fasting ashura islamic calendar to apply cream during fast ghusl on jummah obliged to hajj reward creation of time praying asr on time fall in love in ıslam worships of hajj mawa 19-22 verses of Najm sacrifice chronic bleeding or menses wish for death niyyah for i’tikaf deed hadrat barysphere language of the holy books Maryam in Quran proofs of muhammad in bible death salaam forgiveness in shaban fasting 6 days of shawwal ibadah dar-ul khuld wet dream during fast divine religions to delay zakat laylatu'l qadr period-delaying revolution fate games of chance food hypocrisy youngster planet shariah shaban al muazzam shuhh education akhirah wedding ceremony the best ramadan treasure rasul qadar how to overcome envy recite into ear abu bakr stinginess rhetorical nationalism transmigration fasting during long days scientists eating the food of nonmuslims religious festival placing hands in salah unintentional mistakes family pleasure and entertainment preference men over women hadiths and ayahs proving hajj Ibrahim zakat to other countries mikaa'eel two consecutive months asking during khutbah private parts breastfeeding long-term debt and zakat meaning of reancarnation Yaqub religion seek laylat al qadr miswak difference between quran and sunnah Rodwell pray for the guidance of disbeliever akhlaq our beloved prophet’s routine affairs iftar adab of prayer illiyyun prophethood duty six days fasting one qurbani on behalf of the household gift adults playing dolls compatible praise non-mahram weighing the deeds tawba nasooh befriending nonmuslims hanafi

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