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liwa al hamd fasting of a pregnant woman cream with alcohol suffering miscarrige asr hadith hormonal disorder pillar sinner creed jama taqdeem laws nifas and hayd during fast power evidence of god maqaam zakat for reserved gold lailatul qadr trimming eyebrows damage kaffarah for ramadan fast justice to children prostration picture layers of jannah people exempted from fasting relation during engagement meccan chapters weighing the deeds catastrophe rebelling against parents ısrafel isa zakat to friend husband conditions of quitting ramadan fast disobedience to parents shafi fard al-kifaya join prayers niyyah for i’tikaf night of power how to overcome masturbation women in Bible Ibrahim water multiplication miracle qurban importance of salah importance of sexual gratification in islam tarwiya fragrance of jannah inheritance funeral prayer ruling on keeping Quran in the bedroom apparent nothingness evilcommanding soul dream physical body of god solutions to control sexual desires trait christian rajab religion pillars of ıslam one qurbani sufficient for the fmily shariah long-term debt and zakat answer to prayer fatrat commit evil ahad greeting men fasting in muharram bad manners khutba period-delaying spouse reaction to backbiting age of salah how to make tawba nasuh ibadah sultan selim salah is the pillar of islam difference between quran and sunnah lailat al miraj when to make niyyah for fast blessing qur’an disobey kaffara eternity ghusl while fasting missed compulsory fast fitr Dr. Johnson organ marital activity invalidating fast intoxicant basics of Islam gambling obligatory

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