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make up during fast predestination religious festival shaban al muazzam lawh al mahw wa ithbat i'jaz dua for waswasa noor defending the person they are backbiting about divorce in Islam semen during fast shukr bida-i hasana ghusl on jummah gossip holy spirit listening to adhan hanbali jacop ısra dua for birth pain truth of tawhid slaughter disbelief fasting in shawwal dead language of divine books free will Ishaq pure heart divorce madhmadha elder weight of soul malaika-i muakkal najis signs of laylat al qadr islamic inheritance law misfortune in safar keep promise asiya transmigration insulin injection relationship joking in Islam technology ragaib iman qabah imperfect worship ummah christianity zakat to other countries great sins dolls proof of god colour of fire dress with image hands above the navel in salah conditions of quitting ramadan fast safar : provision of fast where to place hands in salah temperature dua is essence of worship mukarrab malaika of arsh flag kafir euthanasia virtues of jumuah creat supplications in the quran conditions for an accepted tawbah levels soul barnabas extra surah dry ablution physics surah najm moisturiser during fast intention for ramadan muhammad's religion before ıslam Islamic ruling on alcohol revealed book ayahs about lying eidul adha qiyam ejaculation due to thoughts during fast expiation of masturbation during fast zakat for loan omnipotent eating dates tanasukh consept of allah Dr. Maurice spend on relatives full ablution surahs medication on open wound during fast

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