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bad deeds of the dead answer to prayer women in Torah to break ramadan fast a few times thanks acceptance of imperfect worship trimming eyebrows ablution while fasting face feeding cat ibsadah ragaib does dua change fate lawh-i mahfuz lailat ul baraat adultery benefits of hajj transplantation 15th of rajab month of allah changeable destiny feast days lailat al baraat infidel masturbation character greeting men hasad Jochahim Durulph insulin injection alcohol model person ansar door fast broken salat mercy of allah iftaar solutions for waswasa plastic surgery unintentional sins celebrating the new year dawn a hundred punishment maltreatment to parents zakat to organizations ruling of silat ur rahim in islam importance of Muslim unity treatise sunnahs of eid cat enemy fasting 9th of muharram effects of smoking importance of unity waswasa ramadan hilal silver ring heart period-delaying demon last ten days of ramadan cutting hair during menstruation cleaning najasa before salah oneness of god albania aramaic maltreatmant toward parents naseehah mother of evils veil permissible to use miswak tashrik takbir brotherhood in Islam go to masjid against parents hereafter everlasting virtue of tarawih reasons of backbiting fasting three days before ramadan alim festival bani israel teacher improvement alignment of the heels to straighten the rows hadith about kaffara planet baby hadiths about worshipping on lailat al miraj jamada al akhir fasting girl sexual intercourse evidences of reincarnation in Quran zakah knowledge hadith bida transgression itiqaf noor free will

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