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lie as a joke tayammum friday of ramadan virtues of jummah hurmat-i musahara importance of unity rabial akhir month of shaban qibla permissible to use miswak dolls in islam intervening stage period of iddah rules salam greece respect khadijah games of chance animal wife and mother glorification marrying in the jannah evidences of reincarnation in Quran sexual problem things that break fast fasting 11th of muharram cleaning teeth while fasting macedonia questioning angels prophet muhammed (pbuh) generous universe importance of istighfar age of salah istinshaq while fasting zayd ismat existence of allah zakat to other countries youth treasure gabriel rebelling against parents kaffarah for ramadan importance of Muslim unity zakat is fitr real generosity ejaculation due to look during fast meet Muhammad in jannah trimming eyebrows alcoholic drinks benefits of hajj presence of allah jannah wine ummu subyan prostration of thankfulness worship of an alcohol drinker tarwiha muslim working in pub christian provision cave of hira maintaining the ties of kinship naeem postnatal bleeding fast of ashura injustice qadar in ayahs kaffara body caliphate boy girl relations in Islam mani during fast to receive salam polytheism bad deeds doubts in faith puberty status of Jesus in Islam master of months female education in Islam the day of judgement water runs from his fingers makruhs of salah halal hadith shuhh caliphs graveyard life importance of zakat pardon who can receive zakat virtue of tarawih kaffarah nahr four caliphs sinner menses eavesdrop

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