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Are the prayers of a person who got alcohol not accepted?

Is it true that prayers of a person who had alcohol are not accepted for forty days? 1.10.2013 12:46

Is it permissible for a Muslim to work in a pub?

Is it permissible to work in a place where alcoholic beverages are served and sold? 8.9.2011 05:53

Do Those Who Die While Intoxicated Lose Their Faith?

If a Muslim who drinks alcohol die before repentance, will he be able to get into the jannah? 2.10.2011 23:44

Why Were the Quranic Verses Not Revealed at Once, But Revealed in Stages?

Why wasn't the Quran sent down at once as a complete book, but was sent down gradually over time? 2.14.2010 12:38

Why was the Quran revealed gradually?

Why wasn't Quran revealed at once, but revealed by stages? 2.14.2010 12:14


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