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Is It Normal Not to Be Curious About the Hereafter?

Is it normal of a person not to be curious about anything related to the Hereafter (Akhirah) and Allah? 9.11.2009 22:20

Can We Use the Word "God" Instead of "Allah"?

Is it appropriate if the word "God" is used instead of "Allah"? 3.30.2010 13:32

Does Allah Need our Worship?

Does Allah need our ibadah (worship) that he wanted human beings to worship? 11.5.2009 09:06

How Will the Decayed Bones Be Resurrected?

Who will resurrect the rotten and decomposed bones that returned to dust? And how will He do? 1.11.2010 00:13

Is Coming Into Existence on its own Possible?

Ranging from the atoms to the stars an extraordinary harmony is observed throughout the universe. Two alternatives are in question for this excellent and harmonic composition’s  coming into existence. 5.28.2011 15:50

Do the Deniers Have Any Evidences?

Those who say “No-God” always want proof from those who say “He exists”. If that is so, do the deniers have any proves of non-existence? 7.6.2009 16:44

Why Do Some of the Scientists Deny the Existence of a God?

It is said that Allah can be known through reason. Then why so many professors and scientists whose intelligences are registered are not able to embrace Islam? Or Why they deny the existence of one God, why they turn to be atheists, if they are really intelligent and wise? 12.16.2009 19:55

Is Allah Able to Create Another God If He Wishes?

Is Allah able to create another God if he wishes? 12.10.2009 09:11


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