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What Are the Differences Between the Angels And the Humanbeings?

Could you explain the differences between the angels and the humanbeings? 5.4.2011 21:25

Is Devil Jinn or An Angel?

Was Devil of the Jinn or angels? If he was an angel, how did he rebel against God? 4.19.2011 21:40

Do Angels Love People?

Do angels love people? If they do, is it because Allah (swt) commands them so or is it because of their own will and preference to love? 1.25.2011 23:43

Is Allah of light?

Is it wrong to say that "Allah is of light."? 8.22.2010 04:33

Why Was Prophet Adam Expelled from Jannah?

What is the cause of Prophet Adam’s being expelled from Jannah (paradise)? 4.27.2010 08:44

Do Angels Really Have Wings As It Is told?

1.14.2011 09:15

What do “archangels” mean?

Which angels are the "archangels" and what are their duties? 1.26.2010 20:00

Why does God create evils and the devil?

If Allah wants me not to commit evils, then why does He create evils and the devil? 11.18.2009 12:02

The Purpose of Creation of Evils and the Devil

Why does Allah create evils and the devil? If Allah wants me not to commit evils, then why does He create them? 3.13.2011 00:22

What Is the Difference Between Jinn and Devil?

Could you please explain the difference between the concepts of Angel, Jinn and Devil? 11.12.2009 20:32

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