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Which angels are mentioned in the Quran?

What are the names of the angels mentioned in the Quran? 11.28.2012 16:54

Has Anyone Seen Angels?

Is it possible for people to see the angels? Did our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) see Gabriel in his genuine appearance? 1.27.2011 23:52

What is soul?

What is soul? Is soul the same as life? What's soul like? 10.15.2010 22:31

Proofs of Angels

How can we believe the existence of angels? Are there any proves? 10.12.2010 15:56

What Should We Do To Utilize the Blessed Laylat-ul Qadr (Night of Power)?

What can I do on Laylat-ul Qadr? 9.19.2010 13:53

Does Soul Leave the Body During Sleep?

While the soul is in the body, the body is alive, when it leaves the body it dies. Since the soul leaves the body during the sleep, does man have two souls? 6.20.2010 16:22

Does Soul Have Any weight?

Does soul have any weight? Can the human body loosing 21 grams after death be related to the weight of soul? 5.30.2010 16:19

What Will Happen If We Miss Our Beloved Ones in the Hell, Despite We Are in the Paradise?

It is said that although we are in the paradise, if we miss any our beloved ones in the hell, Allah will send angels in the appearance of them. Is it true? 5.14.2010 22:18

Does Everyone Have a Demon and an Angel?

Male or female does everyone have a demon and an angel? Can you explain this? 3.16.2010 14:14

What is “jinn” ?

What does "jinn" mean? Are they good or bad? Are they also tested like human beings? 1.28.2010 18:00

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