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Why Was Prophet Adam Expelled from Jannah?

What is the cause of Prophet Adam’s being expelled from Jannah (paradise)? 4.27.2010 08:44

If God Created Us, Then Who Created God?

How come Allah is eternal? If Allah created us, then who created Allah? 5.7.2011 01:09

Why Was Adam Expelled from Jannah (Paradise)?

What is the reason for Adam (as) to be expelled from Jannah (paradise)? 10.19.2010 15:44

Why does Allah (swt) not Prevent the Disasters and the Catastrophes But Allows Them?

How does Allah allow the afflictions if He is so merciful? why doesn't He prevent them? 2.25.2012 12:40

Mercy and Wisdoms Behind the Disasters and the Calamities

Why does Allah(swt) not prevent the disasters and the catastrophes but allows them? 3.13.2011 00:21

Does Allah Need Angels?

Even though Allah is the Omnipotent, why does He create the angels for the works in the universe? 10.12.2009 15:03

How Is Allah Able to Deal With Everything at Once?

How is Allah able to maintain everything at the same time, isn't it hard for him? 9.21.2009 16:13

Is Coming Into Existence on its own Possible?

Ranging from the atoms to the stars an extraordinary harmony is observed throughout the universe. Two alternatives are in question for this excellent and harmonic composition’s  coming into existence. 5.28.2011 15:50

Is Allah Able to Create Another God If He Wishes?

Is Allah able to create another God if he wishes? 12.10.2009 09:11


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