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Which angels are mentioned in the Quran?

What are the names of the angels mentioned in the Quran? 11.28.2012 16:54

The Duties of the Angels

With which duties are the angels entrusted and is their number far more than the human beings? 8.6.2009 14:33

How is Azrael (the Angel of Death) able to Take Many Souls at the Same Time?

Although being just one, how can Azrael (a.s) take many souls simultaneously? 1.9.2011 21:18

What Do Angels Do After Finishing Their Duties?

Gabriel was entrusted with carrying the revelation to the prophets. So what does Gabriel do now, because there are no prophets anymore? Also, will the duty of angels, like Kiraman-Katibin (honourable recorders) that are related to the humans, be ended after the day of judgment (qıyamah)? 12.7.2009 15:29


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