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sending blessings on prophet death zakat and debt reward for hajj compulsory to seek knowledge father jerusalem leaving the masjid during itikaf sin qabah adhan lailatul qadr respect games of chance menstruation medicine during fast ummu subyan dogs missed witr in maliki fasting 11th of muharram science in islam rabial akhir jizya journey spoiled fast istinshaq islamic calendar slaughter khutbah sky illness during ramadan fast stinginess what is hajj ask for forgiveness of people before hajj recite into ear social life layers of jannah christians prayed in the masjid evidences of hajj being obligatory sufficiency duty period of itikaf duties of parents pay zakat to masjid madhabs magician in islam parents of muhammad macedonia religious festival injustice friday language of divine books jund-u subhani hadiths about the date of miraj solutions for masturbation age in jannah bath on friday does bath break fast food multiplication language of the holy books form importance of fasting ashura sunnahs of jumuah miracles about trees laylat-ul qadr importance of salam ask the deceased for intercession fasting cat sunnahs of eid conditions of quitting ramadan fast authentic feel a presence behind me predetermination holy spirit goodness reward of tarawih night journey believe in unseen adornment meaning of ilah is human creator of actions prostration of thankfulness qamari calendar worship in itikaf lie as a joke importance of hajj tasawwuf answer kaffarah innovation yusuf sincerity insulin injection during fasting zaynab qurban month theory of evolution mirror sirat evidences of reincarnation

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