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islam and science using perfume on friday essence hadith about repentance breaking fast shawwal or qada postnatal bleeding bani israel test impotence dawud Carlyle laylat ul qadr qada prayer reviving parents poorness month of rajab ayahs about parents food multiplication convey reward to deceased adults playing dolls death is a part of life keep promise fast of an ill person in ramadan sur obliged to hajj azazil difference between angels and people ragaib fish wish for death combination of salahs pray for the guidance of disbeliever asr hadith knowledge hadith wife of paradise ayahs about reatives hesitation missed witr in maliki martyr sahaba without performing salat maltreatmant toward parents samad iman-i tahqiqi combine prayers wearing trousers hadith reflect upon zakat for land the last day of dhulhijja lawh al mahfuz existence of god day of judgment creations meaning of salam celebrating the mawlid fast of ashura covering ruling on keeping Quran in the bedroom dhulhijja periclytos love irresponsible parents puberty holy day islam prostration reward for hajj wujud tafseer of Surah al Najm the day of judgment lie najasa disaster testamentary dejavu zakat to foundations hadiths about hajj muawiya hurmat-i musahara kosovo breast-feeding plot mischief what to do in ramadan jewish amala-i mumassil ibadah nimrod hebrew ruh blessing predetermine ramadan-ul mubarak wudu while fasting rhetoric madhabs hafsa magic month of ummah zakat for the money on deposit wife permission for polygamy

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