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afterlife minor sin albania ınjil the difference of sunnah salam ajal allah has no beginning join prayers mothers in Islam worship on baraat hadiths and ayahs proving hajj fasting during journey good morals prophetess niyet vow fishkeeping orbit holy book deduct debt from zakat amount materialism assalamu alaikum when miraj happened iftitah takbir wine language of the holy books obesity i’tikaf things invalidating fast unmarriageable female relatives ask a magician for help iman ghusul abandoning a muslim for three days ramadan-al-mubarak fasting 10th of muharram tawaff-e ziyarat khaluf lailat al baraat backbiting abort male hairdresser archangels reward of sending blessings creator purpose of dress inheritence pillars of fast jesus tafsir life takbir gibril christmas asking during khutbah cave of hira deed suffering miscarrige types of backbiting scale worldly benefits of belief goodness lost goods importance of unity ghusl on jummah ruku evidence of god providing the Muslim unity madhabs asr hadith hadith about hajj revolution maliki shortest period of itikaf congregation solutions for waswasa example song salutation during khutba animal treatment in ıslam jurisprudence lie asma al’husna seek laylat al qadr days when it is forbidden to fast breast-feeding Muslim world importance of fasting muharram osman al hiri intercession with ayah and hadith movement punishment maltreatment to parents deeds missed witr in maliki zabur creature conscience hajj is fard shuhuru thalatha

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