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mecca neccesity of Islamic unity human model women in Christianity supreme fasting meaning of reancarnation shortening the salah ignorant Jochahim Durulph islamic inheritence law God knows everything shirk in love ramda seek knowledge mandub intention for ramadan fasting addiction fast during hardship problems of balkan muslims ayah female witness in Islam purpose of mankind what is sexual intercourse method zakat for committed money cave of hira deposit confidant with nonmuslims ismat congregational prayer Allah watches us modern science listening to adhan killing animals responsility Jesus in Quran sending greetings on prophet sin fiqh young muslims the old noah's flood obesity black dress surgery after death sirat fasting under compulsion free will seven reward for praying Yasir nafila fast generosity reason pillars of sawm gambling proofs of Isa returning prophethood duty dar-ul khuld long-term debt and zakat generous ızdirari qadar amala-i mumassil hajj is fard oneness of god engagement sultan selim rab stinginess in islam Quran and thinkers royal we straightening the rows dry ablution maliki ragaib newborn see allah zakat and solidarity language of the prophets ask the deceased for intercession conditions of quitting ramadan fast illness during fast tips for the best ramadan books masturbation in ramadan ghaybah sperm lustful thoughts during fast divorce silence during khutba past eternal Dr. Johnson nonmuslim neighboor barnabas compulsory to seek knowledge what is hajj having children

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