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existence of god nonmuslim men coincidence shahadah sunni why to turn to kaaba during salah fasting of a pregnant woman to know the prophet and companions mustahab declaration of belief solar year duurat-al vaizin permissible zakat on shares Shuaib is it permissible for women to sing fish convert changes name alms zakat royal we realm big bang deduct debt from zakat amount inheritance keeping Quran in the bedroom Ismail worst major sins ability fatiha where is god long-term debt and zakat commit evil kaffarah for repeated masturbation inheritance of an unmarried lady provision meaning of ilah recommended acts of worship in ramadan dua and fate youth dejavu Quran and western philosophers 15th of rajab bosnia Eve in Islam salawat stone the devil umrah abandoning a muslim for three days manners of i’tikaf tawheed non-believer a'ad worship time of wedding in Islam samad najran christians object where to place hands in salah reason of miraj umm-ul kitaab angels mentioned in Quran food multiplication miracle ramad ayah of muharramat worship of sacrifice prophet jesus (pbuh) hajj arrogance christmas night future istighfar niyet who can receive zakat obeying the orders of allah husband modern science religion ask the deceased for intercession adhan proofs of .Jesus returning fragrance of jannah staff turning into sword masturbation in ramadan true love not fasting compatible problems of balkan muslims unintentional mistakes three months zabh Yaqub to break fast intentionally hanbali interpretation of Baqara 165 malaika belief pleasant(latif) najran unbeliever

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