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Is Jesus God or son of God? Who is Jesus?

What is the truth about Jesus? Is He God? Or son of God? Or none? Who is Jesus? 12.2.2010 14:45

Where is God?

Where is Allah (swt)? 8.20.2010 14:27

Why Does Allah Use the Pronoun “We” Instead of “I” Referring to Himself in Some Verses?

If Allah is the only one God, why does He use the pronoun "we"instead of "I" referring to Himself in the Quran? 2.28.2010 23:52

Quran Addresses Everybody

How does Quran address everybody? 2.24.2010 00:05

If God Created Us, Then Who Created God?

How come Allah is eternal? If Allah created us, then who created Allah? 5.7.2011 01:09

How Can We Understand Allah Has No Begining and No End?

How can the human beings conceive Allah's being Eternal and having no begining and no end? 9.29.2009 13:10

Is It Possible to Prove the Existence of Allah?

Is there any evidence about the existence of Allah? 9.20.2009 16:25

Are the Science and the Technology Compatible With the Quran?

Are there any examples in the Qur'an concerning the modern science and the technology? Are the modern science and the technology compatible with the Glorious Qur'an? 9.2.2009 02:09

How Will the Decayed Bones Be Resurrected?

Who will resurrect the rotten and decomposed bones that returned to dust? And how will He do? 1.11.2010 00:13

Is Allah Able to Create Another God If He Wishes?

Is Allah able to create another God if he wishes? 12.10.2009 09:11


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