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modesty pray for the guidance of disbeliever dark alcoholic drinks hijra intention of fast Loqman zakat to friend society qaroon Maryam in Quran whoever misses the asr prayer seeing allah asma al'husna alawis beautification commit a sin revelation fishkeeping jacop youngster iddah improvement blessed nights the day of judgment royal we great sins wisdom qasas-ul anbiya dua for guidance ghusl white lies nafs israfel amala-i mumassil difference between angels and people when to start fasting six days of shawwal shuhuru thalatha testifying news in bible for muhammad guilty sirat bridge zakaah al fitr month of ramadan offer iftar wive's property in Islam duty importance of praying at night importance of istighfar salutation during khutba islamic knowledge doomed black shaitan creation treasure hunger tasawwuf true prophet wet dream creature fire staff turning into sword hadith about repentance where is god punishment of backbiting brilliance(lightness) infidels shortest period of itikaf shortening the salah asma al’husna prostration of thankfulness fundamental beliefs in Islam to ease the birth pain laylat al qadr sajdah days when it is forbidden to fast to love hell cleaning najasa before salah hayd welcoming ramadan itiqaf do iftar according to makkah stories in the quran surah after fatiha israafeel scripture akhirah tafseer of Surah al Najm visit graveyard worship stone the devil beard reading kuran in ramadan monogamy where to place hands in salah pleasure and entertainment muhammad mentioned in bible

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