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bath on friday relation during engagement arafa obligatory dressing code example malaika-i muakkal reward of tarawih man medication on open wound during fast chapter entity gods form women clothing in islam invention shii language of the prophets matter tahiyyat sultan selim modern science drinking sadaqat al fitr respect for parents fatrat zoology best way to spend Ramadan mahshar expressions of respect disobey parents in haram tips to quit smoking fard salah tattoo virtue of ramadan hadiths on sending blessings ask for forgiveness puberty greek sacdah sahw science and islam contradiction fortune telling message of ashura addiction proof of intercession cross birth of Jesus in Quran evidence miser heart not talking for three days i’tikaf what breaks itikaf sharani tips for the best ramadan qamari calendar dawud covenant transgression compatible angels mentioned in Quran Isa will come back soul niyyah for ramadan fasting christians hadiths about najran creations qiraat eternal love merits of shaban muslim woman voice telling lies how to calculate the zakat amount on shares organ compound results of hijra Allah watches us 61 days fasting skin of the qurban to apply cream during fast importance of straightening the rows pilgrimage object women in Quran education history of hijra anger meat of the qurban proof of god morning of celebration birthday od the prophet reflect upon prove the existence of god ali girlfriend in Islam planet sexual intercource insulin injection during fasting placing foot truth of tawhid set off a slave

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