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importance of ashura la ilaha illallah pregnanct disobedience against parents ask for forgiveness of people before hajj khutba hell give name wife responsility dua for hidayah prooves of quran congregation quds maltreatmant toward parents jizya in islam attributes lying to amuse people ibsadah gain thawab barzakh praise hadith about 5 daily prayers pilgrimage Edward Gibbon worship during itikaf importance of sending blessings birth of Jesus in Quran zakat of plot ikhtiyari qadar surah dead can hear pillars of sawm according to four madhabs dhulhijja qur'an fard-i kifaya denier ıdris answer benefits of quitting smoking model parent yaqup prayers of one who drinks alcohol missing the asr prayer hilal sur day of judgment zakat is fitr three months calamity acceptance of imperfect worship preeternity divorce relation by marriage friday fasting under compulsion arrogance Edmond Rodwell the preserved tablet salutation during khutba fiancee drinking tattoo zakat al fitr to parents trimming eyebrows hijri calendar insulin injection during fasting creatures in the quran miracles about trees dua and fate science and sleeping sunnah zakat on fixed deposit fasting three days before ramadan prayer how to convert shaitan ınjil angel of death sufficiency duty hadith ka'ba dua gospel value of ramadan guilty ayahs about parents qasas-ul anbiya jihad meaning of tawheed madhmadha while fasting sexual problem erection dar-ul khuld who to give zakat al fitr to pray for polytheist ikhlas realm of souls forbidden women for marriage

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