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Believe in Faith or Free-will?

“If human is free, then how divine determining is compatible with it?” “Is human the creator of his own actions or is he just a leaf on the wind?” 9.30.2011 15:02

How can I avoid haram and increase my iman?

How can i increase my iman when i keep doing haram things? I mean how can i stop myself from doing haram things once and for all? 8.10.2011 14:53

Kalima-I Shahadah Renews the Faith

4.26.2011 23:55

Does Faith Increase?

Does faith increase? What do iman-i tahqiqi and iman-i taqlidi mean? 4.3.2011 20:20

What is The Difference Between the Iman-i Tahqiqi and Iman-i Taqlidi?

There are two kinds of faith; initiative faith and verified faith. 3.29.2011 23:44

Eternal Love

9.13.2010 02:18

Do Angels Love People?

Do angels love people? If they do, is it because Allah (swt) commands them so or is it because of their own will and preference to love? 1.25.2011 23:43

What Are the Five Pillars of Islam?

Can you give brief information about the five pillars of Islam? 12.11.2012 12:36

The Virtue and Significance of Arafa day (The Eve of Eid)

What is the virtues and the significance of Arafa day (The Eve of Eid) 11.25.2009 00:23

What is the Difference between Tawafuq and Coincidence?

Can we say coincidence instead of tawafuq? If we say it in a well intentioned way, does it harm our iman? 11.1.2009 13:33


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