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Can I Follow the Iftar Time of Makkah to Break my Fast?

I’m currently in Sweden. Fasting here is 21 hours. They say I can do iftar at the same time of Makkah. Is that possible?   8.9.2012 05:22

Is it permissible to go swimming while fasting?

Can I go swimming while fasting? 7.31.2012 16:54

Can I quit my Ramadan fast because of my illness?

I was wondering if i could get help. I have recently moved from my country to a cold country three months ago i have started to work now to i was fasting for one week ad i had to go to the hospital with pains in my chest the doctor have told me i have to stop fasting as it is 20 hours of fasting where i am now and i just can not manage to eat enough water and everything into my body in four hours. Can i make my fasting up latter or what can i do? 7.31.2012 00:52

Do injection and vaccination invalidate the fast?

Is my fast broken when I’m injected medicine while I’m fasting? 7.30.2012 17:28

Does wearing lipstick invalidate the fast?

Is my fast broken when I wear lipstick? 7.30.2012 02:28

At what age does praying become fard?

At what age are Muslims required to start their prayers? When does it become an obligation? It's said that, to be responsible for fasting, the earliest age is 9 for girls, 12 for boys. Is it the same for daily prayers? 7.10.2012 22:46

Does having a bath or a shower break the fast?

Does having a bath or a shower invalidate the fast? 8.24.2011 17:36

Does getting blood drawn break the fast?

Does getting blood drawn invalidate the fast in Ramadan? 8.23.2011 17:38

What are the forbidden days to fast?

Which days is it forbidden to fast? 8.12.2011 17:42

Is my fast broken when I have wet dream (ihtilam)?

While I was fasting, I had a wet dream. Is my fast broken? 8.9.2011 17:46

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